Xfort Garage Padlock

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  • STRONG & SECURE: A discus shape padlock uses a closed ring design that reduces the exposure of the shackle. It restricts access, reducing the ability to attack. Simply, there is not enough space for leverage to use cutters or saw.
  • DURABLE: This padlock is manufactured from hardened stainless steel for maximum protection against the elements. It is weather resistant, rust-proof and corrosion resistant. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use for a long period of time.
  • ANTI-THEFT: It is effective against all kinds of force intended to damage. The strong stainless steel has good anti-saw qualities. The anti-cut plate provides 360 degree protection. The welded seams and hardened steel fixing bolts secures against an impact attack.
  • KEY LOCK: This is a key operated lock. The lock is 70mm x 67mm x 25mm. The locking hock is approximately 9.3mm in diameter.
  • RANGE OF APPLICATIONS: It can be attached to a range of latches to an extra level of security. Such as gates, garages, sheds, outdoor doors, storage units, cabinets, safes etc. It is ideal for use around homes, schools, offices, businesses, garages, warehouse etc.