Solvent Endcaps

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Solvent Endcaps

Solvent welded, with ABS fittings. Suitable for domestic and commercial use.

ABS Cap End Solvent Weld suitable for capping off the end of a line.

Lightweight and easy to install using cold solvent welded joints which require no special tools, therefore these are Suitable for use of temperatures from 0°C up to 60°C. Food safe.

ABS pipes, valves and fittings are manufactured in mid grey colour and are joined by using cold solvent weld, while transition joints can be made using flanges, threaded connections and unions.

When assembling ABS Plastic Pipework you will need,

  • Cleaning Fluid
  • ABS Solvent Cement or if you’re looking for a faster option try Fast Cure Cement

Fittings – Solvent Weld & Screwed to BS5392 Pt 1 including Elbows, Tees, Unions, Nipples, Bushes, Sockets and Adaptors

Its ease of installation, rigidity compared to other plastics makes it suitable for use in;

  • Cold Water
  • Refrigeration
  • Sewer Systems
  • Electrical Cable Installation