Silver Foil Insulation Tape

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Silver Foil Insulation Tape

If you need a high-performance foil tape for jointing insulation boards and lagging, look no further. Ultra tape's aluminium foil tape is perfect for use on foil-faced pipe and slab sections, and is particularly effective at protecting against the effects of dust and moisture.

This self-adhesive aluminium tape is certified to the Class ‘O’ standard of fire resistance too, and is a popular choice in the HVAC industry for the sealing of joints, and jointing of aluminium insulation boards.

• Self-adhesive 30 micron aluminium tape 

• Perfect for sealing of joints, or jointing of aluminium insulation boards

• Ensures flexible air duct seams and connections

• Ideal for use on foil-faced pipe and slab sections

• Protects surface against damage from dust, moisture or fire – class ‘O’ rating

• Suitable for interior or exterior use