Sash jammer with lock-white

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The UAP white lockable window lock (sash jammer) is a must have device for uPVC window security and even doors, as it will guarantee that no one will be able to accidentally unlock the sash jammer from the inside. It offers quick and low cost addition security to home security and, when locked with the key, the locking arm cannot be moved out of position. The lockable window locks (sash jammers) are available in white and brown, to help match the uPVC frame. The lockable window lock (sash jammer) can be fitted to uPVC windows and doors which open in or out. It has been designed to prevent the levering of the window sash or door leaf, which is a common burglary technique. Burglars can access uPVC doors and windows by using door spreaders to prise open and lever the window or door open to gain entry. With just a twist of the lockable window lock (sash jammer) handle, it is secured over the frame, offering resistance to deter forced entry. A key is then used to lock the sash jammer in place. Designed for uPVC windows and doors Prevents the levering of the sash or door leaf Ideal to stop children from unlocking the sash jammer and opening the window Once locked with the key, the locking arm cannot be moved out of position