Quad Connector

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a unique and easy to install surface water channel drainage system for a domestic environment.

It provides a complete and long-term solution for the collection and dispersal of surface water through the unique channel drainage system. 


  •   The flexibility of three base outlets

  •   Quality aesthetics

  •   The ease of the connection system

  •   The efficiency of the quad connector

  •   The safety of a heelguard grate

  •   Recycled and recyclable base material

  •   Labour saving quad connector

  •   Cross-braced design prevents floating

  •   Lightweight polypropylene, with a high impact strength at hot and cold temperatures

Can be installed around any domestic area where surface water collects including:

  •   Patios and conservatories

  •   Driveways

  •   Swimming pools

  •   Pathways

  •   Sports courts

  •   Retaining walls

  •   Gardens