Paint Tray

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Need a paint tray for your home renovation project? This one from RS PRO is suitable for use with any standard 9-inch paint roller. Dipping rollers or brushes straight into the paint tin can increase the chance of spills or drips, so professionals and DIYers use these trays as a neater alternative.
One side of the paint tray has a ridged area, which helps to push out excess paint when the roller is run over the top. The area is also gently sloping to encourage any excess paint to flow into the deep pan opposite. The plastic construction ensures durability, so you can use it for more than one job, and also makes it easy to clean and reuse.
Using this tray is easy and helps to achieve a smooth, even coat. All you need to do is to soak the roller in the pan, pass the roller back and forth over the ridged area and you're ready to paint.

Features and Benefits

• Tray type
• Width of 228 mm
• Suitable for 9-inch rollers