Knuckle Bend 90 Degree

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Knuckle Bend 90 Degree

Knuckle bends are used to create tight, neat 90 degree bends in a waste pipe system. They have a tighter radius than the standard swept bends.

This fitting is available in 32mm, 40mm and 50mm size options.

Our solvent weld waste is manufactured in the UK to BS EN 1455 and is kitemarked.

To make a solvent weld joint, first ensure that the outer wall of the pipe and the inner wall of the fitting are both clean and free from grit or swarf. Apply SC250 solvent cement to both surfaces. Push the pipe fully into the fitting and give it a twist to ensure that full contact has been made. Clean off any excess solvent with a damp cloth and leave for 5 minutes to set. The installation should be left for 12 hours before testing.