Gorilla Tape Black

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Gorilla Tape Black

The Gorilla Tape black 9m 25mm Black Handy Roll Tape is the perfect addition to any tradesperson of DIYers toolbox. This tape is composed of three layers that add up to an extremely strong and long lasting tape. First comes the all-weather shell that can withstand moisture, UV and temperature changes. Second is a tough and reinforced backing that provides incredible strength. Coming in at number three is a double-thick adhesive that can grip onto smooth, rough and uneven surfaces. These three components culminate into a tape that can be used in any environment, on any surface and will provide reliable sticking action. What makes this tape all the more extraordinary is that in spite of all this strength it is tearable and so easy and quick to use. This extra strong tape is as impressive as it is durable and is sold as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • A versatile tape that can be attached to rough, smooth and uneven surfaces
  • All weather shell means that it can withstand temperature, moisture and UV exposure
  • Being tearable this tape is quick and easy to use

Technical Specifications:

Length – 9m
Width – 25mm
Colour- Black