Capricorn Vent Cowl - 110 mm

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Capricorn Vent Cowl - 110 mm

Capricorn Vent Cowl - 110 mm - Cap - Soil Stack- Cover - Grill - Vent Cage - Rain Hat 4'' Version 2

Venting cowls - UniVent - For 110 mm Pipe - (Fits over the pipe)

Capricorn durable venting device - install and forget

Venting devices are used for ventilating sanitary systems, but their importance is underestimated. Not everyone knows that they are essential for the sanitary system to function properly. After years of operation, venting devices made of many elements glued together become less efficient, and thus they affect correct functioning of the sanitary system. This Capricorn Vent Cowl responds to the market demand as it consists of only one element, which guarantees long-term and reliable operation.

In addition the Installation of a vent to your stack pipe will prevent birds or rodents from entering/ getting stuck within the pipe.