Grafter Breather Membrane 1m x 50m x 99gsm Breathable felt

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The Easy-Trim Grafter breather membrane is a vapour permeable and air tight breather membrane, designed for use in both fully supported and unsupported installations in tiled or slate pitch roofs and walls. Grafter breather membrane features high vapour permeability, superior water resistance, and brilliant tensile tear strength. Suitable for applications on warm, cold and hybrid roofs, together with installations on Scottish sarking boards, and equally suitable for installations in timber and steel frame constructions.

• BBA certified for warm and cold roof applications BBA 10/4753
• Conforms to BS5534.2014 Annex A
• UV stable for 3 months
• Vapour Permeable
• Type LR Underlay to BS5250

Wind Zone Suitability
The wind uplift resistance figures for Easy-Trim breather membrane applies in the geographical wind zones stated in the table below, where a well-sealed ceiling is present and the roof has a ridge height of ≤15m, a pitch between 15 degrees and 75 degrees, and a site altitude of ≤100m, and where the topography is not significant. The required uplift resistance for other roofing projects should be determined using BS5534: 2014 +A1: 2015 and the declared wind up lift resistance which can be made available through our technical department.