Thermostatic Shower Set


If you’re living with limited space then the last thing you want is a bulky showering cluttering up your bathroom. The wrong shower can really change the feel of an entire room so it’s important that you get it right. Thankfully, that’s where Thermostatic Shower Set comes in to save the day! Adding a modern styled shower to your bathroom will allow you to create a brilliantly fresh and contemporary feel that is right on-trend. Featuring a striking square style that will look great in any family bathroom.




This Shower (Code: SHW005) has been designed to give you a spa-like showering experience whilst creating a statement piece for your bathroom, all without the hefty price tag. The panel hides all pipework and fixtures, creating a neat and minimalistic look with anti-scald technology to give you a shower which is safer for the whole family. Shower towers feature a large overhead drencher, body jets, and a practical hand shower which are all cleverly incorporated into one panel.

This Shower maintains a constant temperature in all conditions, however, standard showers can have hot temperature spikes when others in the house turn on taps or flush the toilet. Thermostatic control means that this shower will hold its temperature steady at all times. It dynamically adjusts the mix of hot and cold water offsetting the everyday changes in water pressure experienced in most family homes.

This shower tower features a fantastic large shower head drencher that is positioned overhead. The showerhead has a sleek square edge design with a modern rectangular shaped head, providing an excellent flow of water that covers your entire body to give you a truly indulgent showering experience.

Get the most out of your shower tower with this extremely practical shower handset that is included. Giving you more flexibility, the handset is attached by a flexible hose which allows you to direct your water flow exactly where you want it to go. When not in use, simply place it in the holder attached to your shower tower!

This shower tower features two rectangular-shaped body jets which help to enhance your overall showering experience by directing water onto your body where the overhead shower can’t reach, giving you a real spa-like feel which is sure to relax you after a long day.

The two controls on this shower tower control your water temperature and flow separately, featuring a contemporary square design finished in a dazzling chrome. Chrome is a popular choice in a bathroom due to its easy wipe-clean surface and polished appearance.

This shower tower features a drencher head, shower handset, and body jets to choose from during your shower experience. These three different outlets are used one at a time so that you can enjoy each one in isolation.

There’s no need to worry about trying to figure out which control turns which outlet on, as this shower tower features just one simple control which turns on either your overhead drencher or your handset. Simply turn one way for the overhead drencher and turn the other way for the handset, allowing you to choose which you’d like to use all in one control.

This shower tower has a stunning black mirror finish that is sure to create a statement. The reflective surface and dark bold color will contrast beautifully with whites and chromes in your bathroom, giving you an eye-catching piece that is sure to impress.



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