Letter Box (White) 10″



Specifically designed to complement the softer lines of today’s door panels and furniture, the Brilliant White 10″ Letterbox really is suited for most doors and will never fail to surprise you, with its simple yet striking colour.  It is a whole new level to the realm of Letterboxes, standing out just the way you want. With an adjustable telescopic sleeve and extruded aluminium spring-loaded flaps, this stylish letter plate is the perfect option for any uPVC or timber door. 


  • Fully sealed backplate
  • Telescopic sleeves
  • Double brush seals internal sleeves to reduce air filtration
  • Internal and external spring-loaded flaps
  • Moulded finger slot for ease of opening
  • Fully sealed letter plate flap

Never look back to the times of annoying, unreliable, tasteless Letterboxes!


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