IVO Pan and Cistern


As well as offering high-performance efficiency, this IVO Pan and Cistern boasts the most compact concealed cistern design on the market. 



As well as offering high-performance efficiency, this IVO Pan and Cistern boasts the most compact concealed cistern design on the market. You can choose between a full flush of 6 liters or a smaller flush of 4 liters. This cistern features a side entry inlet valve to allow quick and easy installation – it even includes a chrome push-button for easy flushing.

A lot of modern toilets are rounded at the back which can highlight the pipework in and out of the pan and cistern. They serve a purpose but they aren’t the most aesthetically pleasing to look at. That’s where you need a back to wall toilet pan! They push right up against the wall, keeping all your pipework neatly hidden away. They’re also that bit easier to clean which, in a busy household is a godsend!

What is it about dropping the toilet seat the scares the hell out of us?! Drop it in the middle of the night, scares us. Drop it in the middle of the day, scares us. There’s just something terrifying about the bang it makes! But you don’t need to live with this kind of torment, not with a soft closed toilet seat. They benefit from a clever mechanism that stops the seat from dropping quickly, making sure your bathroom stays forever a stress-free environment.

You really can’t beat the use of the ceramic in the bathroom. It’s resistant to chemicals so keeping everything clean and more importantly hygienic is easy. The smooth surface reduces the amount of grime build-up and allows for an easy wipe clean after use. It’s also a breeze to keep onto any limescale deposits should you live in a hard water area.

The Pedestal washbasin is a great addition to any modern bathroom. With contemporary styling and benefiting from a single tap hole, you can give your bathroom a serious update. It features a flat basin rim coupled with soft, gentle curves and all finished in a beautiful crisp white.

Underneath the white finish is a porcelain covered in a luxurious vitreous china coating. It’s hard-wearing, durable, and ideal for use in the bathroom.

Give yourself plenty of space to wash your hands or clean your teeth with the Pedestal basin. The basin is the full or freestanding pedestal that not only helps to support the weight of the basin but also does the job of concealing any pipework that you wouldn’t want on display.

With the pan, you’ll be supplied with the necessary fixings to be able to securely fix it in place. Because let’s face it the last thing you’d want is for your toilet and pedestal basin to move, and it won’t when installed with this fixing kit.


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