300 Grab Rail (White)




Keep your bathroom safe and hazard-free by installing this White 300mm Grab Rail from our range of bathroom accessories. This wall fixed grab rails can be installed horizontally, vertically, at an incline, or at an angle, depending on your preferences. They provide help when pushing up from a sitting position or when lowering onto something like a toilet. Most people find it easier to push down on a rail rather than pull on one, so horizontal rails are certainly more commonly used. However, with that being said, vertical rails do very much assist when pulling up into a standing position or just for maintaining your balance.

Grab Rails can be installed and positioned anywhere within your home, not just in the bathroom, providing added support and assistance when moving around. When fitted in place, the rail can be used to provide help in the following ways:

Correct positioning of the rail is highly important to provide the support that you require. To ensure it is installed in the best place possible it is advised to consider the following points, your own requirements, the support you require, your height and weight, and the amount of strength that you have in your hands, arms and shoulders.

Features and benefits:

Provides confidence and stability when getting in or out of the bath or shower
Maximum loading is 100kg/220lbs/15st 10lbs when fitted to a solid wall
Corrosion-resistant – makes it suitable for use in wet showering areas
Ideal for the bathroom and can be used around the home


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